About Maison La Fleur - roses delivery for all occasions

About Maison La Fleur

Flowers are more than a gift, they represent LOVE, ELEGANCE, AFFECTION THAT IS TIMELESS in the simplest form.

That is exactly why MAISON LA FLEUR was created where we believe FLOWERS should LAST - our flowers are real cut flowers that DEFY TIME and AGE. Thanks to innovative procedures, MAISON LA FLUER creates precious arrangements that maintain freshness for several years.

Whether it is a gesture of LOVE, or a STYLISH addition to your home , MAISON LA FLEUR offers luxurious arrangements with infinite possibilities.

The company is founded by Eyyub and Natalia. Eyyub is a marketing genius with 8 years experience in the Web Design, Social Media, as well as Web Optimization. Natalia is a photographer with emphases on creativity and beauty. As a team together, the DUO compliment each other abilities that will redefine the local markets.

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