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Flawless classics square

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Flawless classics square

Long-lasting roses in a square box are a good gift. Among the advantages of such a presentation are: - versatility; - practicality; - affordability; - durability; - ease of care. Composition of preserved roses in a square box is a universal gift, and this is due to the fact that it can be presented as a relative, colleague or business partner. In addition, such floral arrangements are appropriate to give both women and men. Roses in a square box also attract with their price availability and variations - the number of roses can be from 1 to 49. Choose a suitable composition to any taste and purse. Flowers in a box do not need to be carefully cared for. There is no question about what vase to put them in or how to prune and change the water. Stabilized flowers in a box retain their freshness and attractiveness for 3 years.

Flawless classics square

1 review for Flawless classics square

  1. Liam Caldwell

    I liked the design very much

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